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ARO 637374-3 EXP Air Valve Service KIT

  • $482.60


Call for availability: 419-633-0560

EXP Air Valve Kits

Use with: PE20A-XXX-XXX-X, PE30A-XXX-XXX-X

Upgrade your current 2" and 3" ARO Metallic Pumps to EXP Technology using Retrofit Kit

  • Easily update any existing PD20X-X and PD30X-X-B pumps to EXP
  • EXP Air Valve Retrofit Kit fits directly onto existing ARO Pumps
  • EXP Air Valve Retrofit Kit has 47% fewer parts over the origional PD20X-X and PD30X-X-B air valves
  • Simplifies repairs
  • Lower start-up pressure
  • Long lasting ceramic valve components
Call 419-633-0560 or Email us at for Availability


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