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ARO PF20Y-ACS-SGG-B 2" Flap Valve Diaphragm Pump

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ARO PF20Y-ACS-SGG-B 2" Flap Valve Diaphragm Pump

Owners Manual 


  • Able to handle 2" semi-solids and 3/4' solid materials.
  • Available in three different construction materials including Aluminum, Cast Iron or Stainless Steel with the option of Plated Steel or Stainless Steel hardware
  • Efficiency - Simul-Shift™ valve provides ultra-positive, reliable shift signal
  • Reliability - ARO's patented 'Unbalanced' air valve ensures no-stall operation


  • 66312 Air Line Connection Kit: contains Piggyback Filter / Regulator, pipe nipple & 5’ section of hose
  • 67263 Continuous-Duty Muffler: Recommended for continuous-duty and high-flow applications. Features large expansion chamber, permitting cold exhaust air to exit pump.
  • 94117 Air Motor Muffler
  • 637369 Air Section Service Kit (for PF20R and PF20Y)
  • 637421 Air Section Service Kit (for PF20A and PF20S)
  • 637310-GG Fluid Section Service Kit

General Description:

  • Inlet/ Outlet: NPTF
  • Center Body: Polyproplyene 
  • Fluid Caps & Manifold Material: Cast Iron
  • Seat Material: Stainless Steel
  • Flap Material:-NITRILE
  • Diaphragm Material: NITRILE

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