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Convert ARO PD Diaphragm pumps to PE Diaphragm Pump

Posted by Jim kozumplik on

Recently, ARO PD pumps were enhanced to be "Automation Ready," with a unique plugged port in the center body (EXP) which can be removed in order to add the proximity sensor and leak detection found in PE pumps. Once upgraded, these pumps will operate as a PE pump, and will also be compatible with the ARO® Controller, or other PC or PLC control system - allowing your customers to automate their manual processes.

So far, we have incorporated the below changes to the following models:
1/4” models
3/8” models
1/2” models
3/4” models

The following models will soon be implemented:
1” models
1.5” models

2” models
3” models (metallic)

Additional information:

The nomenclature for PD pumps will not change. However, end users requesting electronic interface will need to inspect the PD pumps for this added port to determine if they can upgrade.

EXP pumps have an extra port in the center body that will be plugged for the EOS

A quick change converts ARO PD pumps to PE, "Automation Ready" pumps

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