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The ARO FDA Compliant Diaphragm Pump

Posted by Jim kozumplik on

New Product Update

ARO is pleased to announce that the center bodies for our FDA Compliant pumps are now available in 316L electroplated stainless steel or Polypropylene. Product is in-stock and ready to order. 

ARO FDA Compliant Pumps - ideal for the Food & Beverage industry

ARO’s FDA-compliant pumps, part of our Expert Series (EXP) line, are designed to transfer fluid for the food and beverage industries efficiently and safely. Our pumps typically yield 20 to 30 percent better flow rates than other products available on the market, ensuring the material is transferred carefully.

Since every ounce of fluid is treated gently, the shelf life is often extended and product quality maintained, meaning a better result for your customers.


ARO FDA Compliant pumps are engineered to the meet the highest standards and requirements in the industry including: CE, ATEX 1935/2004/EC and FDA CFR 21.177.

You can Purchase the ARO FDA Compliant Pumps thru Fluid Handling Dynamics. Call 419-633-0560 or visit us online at ARO FDA Compliant Diaphragm Pumps

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